Beauty Procedure Glossary

Hair Restoration Surgery

Surgical hair restoration begins with an evaluation of the donor area, located at the back and sides of the head. Since this area contains hair follicles that are genetically programmed not to shed, sufficient hair density is needed for successful hair transplantation.

A small section of tissue is removed from the donor area and is then dissected under magnification into individual follicular units and micro-grafts.

Once the detailed preparation of the grafts is complete, a strategy is used to place them into the thinning or balding areas. Single-hair follicular units are placed at precise but varied angles in the frontal hair zone to create a soft, natural looking hairline

Slightly larger follicular units are placed behind the hairline, providing density and volume for the larger balding areas. The artistic placement of hair grafts is customized to each patient in order to resemble natural hair growth patterns.


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